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“My husband and I were planning to attend a homeowners’ association meeting and I knew our condo needed 1) an update in décor and 2)some energy efficient ideas to keep our cooling costs down. This was not new but a project I had been dreading for a couple years because I did not know where to turn. Fortunately, when I mentioned this to our condo manager, he suggested Ann Du and immediately gave me her phone number. We were so pleased from the onset-Ann had great ideas for freshening up the condo and suggested the blackout drape linings that have made the condo so much more comfortable during the hot sunny afternoons and yet we have the option of just a light window covering during other times. Her knowledge of local workers made the work affordable and she had a great selection of fabric swatches she brought to us to choose. She executed all her plans in a very timely manner and kept accurate records of all costs.  All in all, the project I had been dreading and procrastinating ended up being very pleasant and so worthwhile—we are so pleased with Ann’s work for us.”


~C.M., Baton Rouge, Louisiana



"No one better lives up to the definition of an interior designer than Ann Du.  Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design, and Ann has done this time and time again in the best way possible.

It's so important when one chooses to put time and money into their home, is finding the right person to listen, and to understand what one really wants and what is important to that person.  Ann listened and respected our wishes, and never tried to “push” us in a different direction.  Ann is honest, hard working, and a creative genius!


~ M.L., Fairfield, Connecticut

During a home design or renovation project, Ann applies her experience from working many years as a Project Manager demonstrating leadership, versatility, and vision.

Her style vibe is sophisticated yet comfortable, timeless yet fresh, elegant yet inviting, tailored yet organic, calming yet colorful.


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